November 16, 2009, 9:32 pm
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*This is the point in the post where you picture Shannon, Dylan and me doing a happy dance!!!! 24 days until baby Luke is here!!!!


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WOW!!!! doing a jig on your behalf!!!

Comment by Mindy

So happy for you Josie….I’m joining Mindy in that “jig”

Comment by Jessica

yay!!! but I won’t be home yet! I forsee a special visit! are you going to be back in time for your own benefit/fundraiser?!

Comment by College Student

OMG!!!!!!! We are not ready!!!

Comment by bobbi

You might not be ready but I sure am. We’ve been waiting a long time for this and ready or not, december 10th it is 🙂 Sorry for freaking you out Bobbi 🙂

Comment by mrskolasa

SOOO excited! Congrats. Do hope everything is okay with C, though…

Comment by Stacy

Everything is great with C. She had another dr. appointment today and it was her decision (along with the dr. obviously) to move it up. She’s ready to be done being pregnant.

Comment by mrskolasa

what a blessing! woo hoo! 🙂 this means that Dylan will be able to go too! yay!

Comment by jen chorost

YAY!!! How exciting! Keep us all updated we are all on pins and needles I think!

Comment by Kristin

I am praying for your family everyday! I get a excited,anxious, happy feeling inside when I think about your holding little Luke for the first time! I remember when I got to bring Alex home, the feelings were overwhelming. You think you cry easy now, just wait till those happy tears start flowing!

Comment by Lynn Pfeifer

OMG YEAHHHHH!!!! Im so happy for you dear dont let any thing take away your JOY !! He is soooooo cute !!! I can tell he is going to be one good looking boy !! YIPPE yahhooo YAHH WHOO HOOO ok im done wait… no WHOOOO WHOOO HOO HOO HOO YEAH FOR JOSIE AND THE FAMILY ok im done now lol LOVE YOU !!

Comment by Lisa

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