January 12, 2010, 10:29 am
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I have a sick baby and I’ve run out of ideas…

And yes, I’ve called the pediatrician (more than once)

Luke has had a cold for almost 2 1/2 weeks now and it is not getting any better. He is so stuffy that he’s not sleeping, he’s barfing up his food, and he’s just plain miserable. Which is making me just plain miserable also.

::Warning: This post is about to get kinda gross::

There is no way to suck any more snot out of his nose. He’s puking because of all the mucus in his poor tummy. He barely sleeps and when he does it’s because we’re holding him and standing up and moving. We tried propping him up to sleep, but he just can’t seem to get comfortable and whines the. whole. time.

We have tried steam, we have tried cold, we have tried humidifiers, we have tried the chiropractor. Nothing has helped for more than 5 minutes.

So, seriously, help me. I am one helpless mommy, and it’s miserable. Just look at this cute face and tell me you wouldn’t be miserable too…

Update: We just got back from the doctor and it’s just reflux and colic. I am actually relieved. Also, he’s weighing in at exactly 8 pounds now. Such a big guy! 🙂


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Love, lots of Love. Is he maybe allergic to his baby formula? what kind is he on? I know it sounds really wierd that it would be that, but Kolton had the same symptoms and we switched him to Natures one toddler formula and it made a world of difference! the reason it is called toddler formula is because “natures way” is to breastfeed so they don’t call it infant formula…if that makes sense? that is what they told me. Also is he maybe allergic to the dog? has the dog had a bath lately(not that I am saying you are a bad mother) but the dander can affect the little ones… good luck and hope this helps:) Hang in there Josie, It can be very frustrating at times, remember that you have an awesome support system and if need be use it to get yourself some rest!

Comment by TANYA

we went through the same thing with beast. we ended up getting a nebulizer & using steroids for the worst bouts. it made his nose run (gross but at least it got the snots out!!) & it opened up his lungs. he used to throw up tons from the drainage & coughing. i don’t know what else to tell you! we were at the doc a lot with beast when he was little!

Comment by ali

I’m glad you have a identifier to work on!!!!!! Reflux and colic? what are your possible solutions? Love you see you soon!

Comment by jenn

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