missing someone
February 6, 2010, 3:11 pm
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If you are not a part of the adoption triad, this might sound strange to you…

I have been missing C. lately. I know that her distance is her coping mechanism. It doesn’t stop me from missing her though. She gave me the greatest gift ever, she made me a mommy. I think it would be impossible for me to stop loving her for that. She doesn’t have to contact us ever again and I would understand if she didn’t, but we will always be here in case she does. I just want to thank her again and reassure her that Luke is so loved and that I never take him for granted. I know she would love to hear about his cute faces and how he sleeps with his hands on his face all the time. How he cheered on their favorite football team (Alabama) even if he was too little to know 🙂

Alright, I am rambling. All I was trying to say is that I think about her all the time and hope that someday, we can talk again.


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I liked the idea you had about making her a scrapbook. You can talk to her (and thank her) in those pages. And when the right day comes, it will be a wonderful gift for her. If that day never comes, what a wonderful gift for Luke.

Comment by beanie

Amazing idea, Beanie…and I concur…I”m sure she knows how much she means to you…to all who have waited for the two of you to have a child, actually…she gave ALL of us an amazing gift. May blessings rain down on her.

Comment by Stacy

Well said Josie. I think of her also and sometimes catch myself worrying a lot about her. The day i left her at the hospital to take Blake home I remember hugging her and telling her that she will always be a part of Blake and I that I would tell him that she has the heart of gold. I thank God that He brought us together that day in August. Blake’s babybook tells the story of our journey with his birthparents. I kept a journal that I then transferred to his babybook. Hoping that when the day comes when he realizes what being adopted is this will help him understand no one gave him up he’s just lucky enough to have 2 mom’s that love him.

You’re doing exactly what she wants for Luke…loving hiim. Stephanie

Comment by Stephanie

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