February 16, 2010, 10:54 am
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We had a really nice weekend over here.

Friday I got the opportunity to chaperone Dylan’s field trip to Baker Park. It was a great day. I have decided that snowshoeing is not really for me though 😉 I love being able to spend some time with Dylan doing something he loves.

Saturday the big guys went to a fishing contest and Luke and I went to my in-laws for some family time. It was a great day and we both had a lot of fun! Luke is definitely a grandma’s boy 🙂

Sunday I took Dylan to see The Lightning Thief with some friends and then Shannon took him fishing. Gotta love that kid. I’d better get some girls in this house or in a few short years I will be sitting here all alone while the boys are out being boys together. On second thought, that doesn’t sound that bad.

Yesterday my Fairy Godaughter and her sister were here all day and oh boy did we have fun. Dylan and the girls are like siblings and always make me laugh when they are together. The girls also can’t get enough of Luke and he eats up all the attention.


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Requesting a new blog post please 🙂

Comment by College Student

You guys look so happy!

Comment by Ashley

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