August 3, 2010, 10:27 pm
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I have got to stop updating this blog late at night. I’m too tired to be interesting πŸ™‚

Luke was up at 4am again today and decided to buck his afternoon nap, so he had better sleep well tonight. Now, if only I could sleep when he does… that would be awesome.

On to the more important stuff…

The soccer game on Sunday night was AWESOME. The Flame lost 1-0 but Dylan played really hard. He was really into the game and ran his butt off. His dad and I are so proud of him. He was super excited about getting second place and really didn’t care at all that they lost the game. That’s my boy!

My Grandparents 60th Anniversary party went really well too. It was sooooooo hot and humid outside so Luke and I didn’t stay too long, but it was really nice for me to see my family. Some of them were meeting Luke for the first time and that was fun too. The party was right in the middle of nap time so that cut into our partying too. πŸ˜‰

Here are the pictures that I promised you. I hope you all are getting more sleep than I am.

BabyMan with my Aunt

My Grandparents with their kids

Relax, the road is closed. πŸ™‚

playing with his cousin

playing hard

Great Grandma and the boys


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