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August 10, 2010, 11:54 am
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There are so many thoughts/feelings that come with being a(n) (adoptive) parent. I know that when we started talking about adoption, the prospect of an open adoption was scary. Everyone has an opinion about whats best for the child and why they believe what they believe. Unsolicited advice abounds and you can hardly talk to anyone without getting it. Ultimately, we had our hearts set on an open adoption. There are many, many reasons why. Mostly, open adoption is whats best for our child. We believe he has a right to know where he comes from and to have a connection with people that will always be a part of him. It’s hard to explain to someone who has never been in our situation, but it’s how we feel.

I came across this awesome blog post and the writer put so eloquently exactly what I was thinking. It’s just awesome. She says it so much better than I ever could have.

So, if you have a minute, please read THIS


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Pretty much sums it up I think. We too chose open adoption (even though we have yet to hear from our birth parents, unlike you who have had contact) but I guess I just wanteed to have any and all information for when Blake asks/wonders where he came from. I don’t want him to fear the unknown…there is enough of that in the world. Thanks for making the post Josie!!

Comment by Stephanie

Oh Stephanie,
I just love you! I think it would be so great for us to get the boys together one day. Even if they never contact you, we have each other. That has to count for something when they get older 🙂

Comment by mrskolasa

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