10 months
October 11, 2010, 8:27 pm
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Luke as hit double digits. I’m not taking it well. At all. I feel this huge sense of urgency to keep him little (yeah, yeah. I know it’s impossible) but at the same time I love watching him learn new things.

Luke at 10 months:

  • Crawls at warp speed
  • Is very sneaky and loves to hide under tables
  • He thinks he’s a big deal because he cruises along furniture
  • Has learned the fine art of the temper tantrum
  • Spits. A lot. Especially when you’re trying to feed him
  • Is sleeping in his crib, but it’s still right next to our bed
  • Still wakes up a ton, but doesn’t need to be fed to fall back asleep
  • Is using “Mama mama mama” and “Dada dada dada” to get our attention and it’s almost always correct
  • Started saying “baba” Grandpa thinks he’s saying Papa. Dylan thinks he’s saying ball. I think he’s just smart to convince everyone that he’s talking to them
  • Really loves splashing in the bathtub. Especially if I tell him to quit splashing mom. 🙂 Good thing he’s cute
  • Still doesn’t tolerate protein very well. Lots of whining, arching his back and upset tummy. We keep trying, but it’s hard.
  • Barely takes bottles, but doesn’t love the sippy cup either. Way to worry your Mama, kiddo.
  • Loves to snuggle and we love to snuggle him.


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