The baby and his ears
November 7, 2010, 9:42 pm
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I gotta tell ya, this kid cannot catch a break lately.

He took his last dose of antibiotics on Wednesday morning and all seemed to be well. By Friday, he was getting cranky again. Lucas is pretty famous for his moods and I just figured that he was sleepy and maybe cutting another tooth… Yeah, not so much. He was up all. night. long. and not just up, screaming and squirming and then screaming some more. We walked and bounced and rocked but nothing was helping. By 3:00am he was burning up and it became pretty clear that we were looking at something more than teeth.


Saturday morning, bright and early, we made a trip to the dr and wouldn’t you know it, the kids ears were horrible. Bulging eardrums. Again. The worst part of the whole appointment was when they tried to give him motrin. He is definitely not a fan. I tried to warn them that the kid can hold anything in his mouth and will spit it at you the moment he gets the chance. They had to hold him down, shove the motrin way into the back of his throat and then hold his mouth shut. He cried, I cried. It was all in vain, he ended up shooting the medicine out of his nose and then spitting the rest of it and crying so hard he barfed. Perfect. That was no fun at all.

My poor, poor baby.

So, we moved on to Zithromax and if it doesn’t work I am going to pitch a fit. That, my friends, is a promise. Last night was slightly better than Friday night, but he was running a fever of 103 again overnight. It’s being managed with tylenol & motrin for now. I really really really need some sleep tonight.

Here’s to hoping we get some.


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