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April 2, 2011, 9:04 pm
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We are officially on spring break in this town. We aren’t going anywhere warm (hey Emily and Kallie! I’m talking to you!) but we are definitely going places.

Yesterday we didn’t really go anywhere, just outside. The weather was finally above freezing and we took advantage of it.

Today I took a little field trip with Dylan, Luke and their cousins G, E, and C to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. (Side note: if you live in the metro area, most of the museums have one day a month where admission is free. The Walker is the first saturday of every month)

All of the kids were so well behaved that I was complimented on their good behavior by a couple of the museum workers. 🙂 They were so into it that I had to beg them to leave. We also spent some time in the art lab where the kids made their own sculptures. Gs was a “crawling broom” and Es was a “singing bed”. Very cool. Luke was intrigued by everything and really took it all in. It was really fun to watch him check things out and point at the things he liked. For the record, if it had wheels or an animal, he liked it.

When we were done in the museum, we headed across the street to the sculpture garden and ran around for awhile. It was a gorgeous day, almost 60 degrees! Then it was time for lunch and we headed home. The day was perfect. I have pictures, but I’ll have to add them tomorrow since I haven’t gone through them yet.

Tomorrows adventure- Sportshow and the Science Museum with the King Tut exhibit. Fun times.


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