Hi Grandma & Grandpa West!!
April 3, 2011, 7:06 pm
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My Aunt and 2 of my cousins are visiting my Grandparents in Arizona right now ( Hi Anne, Em and Kallie!) and I asked them to show my Grandparents the blog. They live right next door to us, so we are used to seeing a lot of each other. When they go down south for the winter, we all get a little lonesome for each other. Especially now with Luke growing so fast.

Here is a bunch of pictures to help make it a little easier πŸ™‚

Walker Art Center on Saturday:


watching a movie




The movie was called "Mobile"

watching all the cars drive by

the art lab

Luke just liked throwing the pieces around

Sculpture Garden!

making a wish

Luke wished he could get in

Dylan being silly


The Northwest Sportshow:


My boys at the Sportshow

Fishing at the Trout Pond


That’s all I have from the Sportshow. The rest of my time was spent chasing Luke around and looking at all the um, awesome? stuff. Yeah, it was awesome. Or something. Oh well, at least the boys really liked it.


On our way!



Cold water!

He sees his Dada!

Unca Adam took a little swim

Dylan throwing rocks

Doesn't he look tiny next to his Dad?

Luke just loves his Unca Adam

Time to head home for dinner


Whew, that was a lot of pictures!

Dear Grandma & Handsome,

We miss you terribly and wish we were there with you. I’d say that I wish you were home, but that’s just silly. It’s cold here and it’s so nice and warm there! Maybe next year I will be brave enough to venture down there with Luke. πŸ™‚ I hope Emily and Kallie don’t run you ragged, and if you could find a way to send some dumplings home for me, that would be nice. If you do, let me know how and I’ll send you some soup.

Love you and miss you!

Love, Josie Shannon Dylan and Lucas



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