Dear Aunt Shanne-
July 25, 2011, 7:41 pm
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Dear Lukie’s Aunt Shanne,

 This post is for you because you whined asked so nicely for one. 🙂

If I’m just being honest, there hasn’t been a post for a few weeks because I’m just spent. Lots going on in our house and while it all worked out really well, it was stressful around here. At the end of the day, I just didn’t have anything left to give.

BUT- it’s over now and you all want to see that handsome boy of ours, how can I blame you for that? He is awesome. Funniest kid ever, just like his big brother. Luke has some new words- Elbow, Shoulder, Knee and “oh damnit”. Sadly, I am responsible for all of them. The first three are pretty cute (and in sticking with the honesty, the last one is pretty stinkin’ cute, even though it’s inappropriate). He has only said the last phrase a few times, I’m hoping he forgot it.

We have been busy at the beach and with birthdays (Hi Claire, Grandpa, Carly, Aaron and Jacob!) with soccer and golf, and chasing Luke all over the place. His Grandma Nancy said he is like Dennis The Menace and boy was she right on about that one! He is so damn cute, but oh man does he get into everything.

This weekend is the big brothers big soccer tournament, so hopefully I’ll get back here soon with pictures and an update from that.

WordPress has been giving me a ton of trouble when I try to upload pictures, so I’ll do my best. 🙂

Edited to add: Grrr… I’m not sure what the dang problem is, but 2 of the pictures refuse to show up, but their captions are there. I give up trying to figure it out. Sorry people.

At the park*sigh*Not sure about the sharks at the aquarium


All worn out at Mall of America

another beach day

Oh how I love my baby


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I SO wish I was there to hear the “Oh dammit” and kiss those chubby cheeks! Thanks for the update … I’m not ashamed to whine … sometimes …. especially when it gets such cute pictures up on your blog! 😛

Comment by Josie Stalker

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