21 Months
September 9, 2011, 6:34 am
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It seems impossible that our tiny little baby is almost 2. He is just pure love and joy and I can’t imagine what we ever did before him.

Here’s what Luke is up to at 21 months:

*He is getting much more verbal every day. It’s so helpful that he can just tell you what he wants.

*If he is screaming for what he wants, most of the time its “peas!” (sugar snap peas) or “bobos!” (bulldozers) Those two things can make him happy at any time of any day. Give him some peas, sit him in front of some road construction and you are good for as long as you can stand it.

*He loves to sing. Randomly he will pull you down so you are sitting on the floor and start doing the  actions to whichever song it is that he wants to sing with you.

*Speaking of singing, his favorites are “money money money” (aka: Price Tag), “niiiight, niiiiight” (aka: Tonight Tonight) and “ba ba ba” (aka: Love Done Gone). Why yes, getting him hooked on horrible music while he’s tiny is one of my finer parenting accomplishments. 😉

*He likes kid music too, but mostly The Wiggles. Can’t blame the kid there. Those guys are actually pretty fun to dance to for the under 5 set. Plus, it’s not Barney, so I support his love for them.

*He has decided that he’s a grown up now. At any given time he will want you to open the door and he will walk to one of 4 places. Great Grandparents that live next door (yelling “Ah-ma! Cookie!”), Emily’s (yelling “Emy!” “Ah-n”), Grandpa & Grandmas (for this one he just takes off at a full run) or Auntie Sass & Unca Adam’s (mostly yelling “Adoo”)

*The kid is such a stinker. He knows exactly what he’s not supposed to do and then he looks at you and smiles while he does it. He makes me tired.

*This last month he got yet another ear infection, he’s teething like crazy and he got stung by a bee. The first two made him grouchy for 2 solid weeks and the last one gave him post traumatic stress. 😉

*He’s still weighing in at a whopping 24 pounds. *sigh* Pretty tiny as far as almost two year olds are concerned. He’s also still short. He wears 12-18 month clothes, and has since last October roughly.

*He gets older and cuter every day and we are so blessed to be his family. The boy will never have a shortage of love around him.

Gotta love the cookie face


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He is tiny, but so cute!

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