Worst blogger ever and the long overdue 23 month update
November 26, 2011, 9:55 pm
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My lovely friend Stephanie got on my case about my crappy blog updating skills so I figured I’d be nice to her and make some effort. 😉

In my defense… I have two new, tiny, perfect nephews and then my brother got really sick and then it was Thanksgiving and black Friday and Saturday… I’m also lazy and just didn’t get to it.

At any rate, Lucas is 23 months old and I owe you people an update.

Here it goes-

*He had another ear infection. For real. Kill me now.

*Oh my stars this kid is hilarious. He sings and dances and says the funniest stuff. He keeps us rolling.

*He likes to cover his eyes and then dramatically uncover them and yell “peek-ee-you!” It’s cute and funny and he knows it.

*Luke-Man has learned the art of stalling at bedtime. Lately it’s been to ask for people he knows he can’t have. Example: “Mommy? Get Jack-in go Choo Choo Bobs?” Translation: “Get Jackson and go to Choo Choo Bobs?”. No, Luke. Jackson is sleeping.


“Yes, Luke”

“ummmm…ummmm…Unca Adoo?” (Translation: Uncle Adam)

“No, Luke. Go to sleep”

*I’d get mad, but it’s cute. So, whatever.

*He has decided that peeing on the potty is awesome. He asks to go potty and then actually goes. We aren’t pushing it, but take him every time he asks. He is pretty proud of himself and we are too. Maybe it’s true that cloth diapered kids potty train faster.

*He is almost two. Did you know that? It’s like a knife to the heart sometimes. I pray all the time that I’m fortunate enough to be a Mommy again. This is awesome.

*He’s on a tiny Mommy only stretch. I love it and hate it. I’d like to go to the bathroom alone sometimes, but there is no better feeling than someone loving you that much. Nothing.

*Luke is getting really good at counting. He’s done with the “1,2,3,3,9, yay!” that he used to do and now it’s pretty solid from 1-12 and then he gets stuck on 13 for awhile and then he just drops off. Adorable.

*We have had the horrid Zamboni song on repeat for days. It’s hockey season, you know. Thank God for Luke’s Emy playing hockey. That means we get to see zambonis all the time.

*Speaking of hockey and Emy, Luke looooooves to cheer her on. He screams “GO EMY!” so loud and so often that I’m amazed he has a voice left at all. He’s very proud of her. I am too.

*The munchkin is still wearing the same size that he has since last October-ish. He has grown a little and gained a little weight, but not enough to get out of 18 month clothes. Little thing.

Here are a couple of pictures of our big, huge almost 2 year old.

Luke and his "Jack-in"

Luke with his Main-in


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