He’s TWO!
December 10, 2011, 9:55 pm
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Ok, you guys. There’s no avoiding it. It’s actually happened, he turned two. Yes, those are quiet sobs you hear from his Mommy.

I’m going to get right down to business so you can see the pictures faster. 🙂

*He weighs 25.6 pounds

*He is 32 1/4 inches tall (I think that’s right, I’ll double check later)

*He has this new thing and it’s  so cute it’s killing me. Randomly he will walk over to me and put his hand on my shoulder and ask in a very concerned little voice “ok, Mommy?” And then I have to tell him that yes, I am ok. Thanks for asking. Then he goes back to doing whatever it is he was doing. So cute.

*He love love loves his new babies. They may technically be his cousins, but he thinks they belong to him. Every time that he sees them, he follows you around saying “mine hold it!” with his arms out. Any chance he gets he gives them kisses and talks to them. It’s the sweetest thing.

*He’s talking in awesome sentences. So funny and charming. He also likes to give high fives and “knucks”

*The highlight of the month was getting to spend some time on a real Zamboni. It dumped snow, it “beep beep”ed. It. was. awesome.

*He’s very into trains also. He still really loves road construction equipment (aka: bobos)

*It’s hard to believe that just two short years ago, we were holding our tiny, little five pound baby. He has come a long way.

To say we are blessed, doesn’t really even begin to cover it. Dylan and Luke are our reason for everything. The priveledge of parenting is an unbelievable gift. We never take that for granted.









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